stacy keibler porno

stacy keibler porno

.the letter

commands for marionette
(I leave for him in a white shell both commands for our appointment, and a lengthy length of ribbon in pinkish satin.
He pulls the ribbon out, gawps curiously? Then reads with remarkable concentrate revved willingness.)

My luxurious marionette:
buy the bottom of this first-rate rosy ribbon and truss it off underneath your nuts.
cock-squeezing sate.
Pull it out to your suitable mitt side... firm.
Now, engage the rosy ribbon,
Pull it throughout the middle of your testicles, over and around,
Looping beneath left testicle,
around over the top again and throughout,
Then carry out the legal testicle
Over the top,
Under, around... porn perfect girl. over and via...
And so forward. charley chase.
In an 8 or infinity pattern three times over and under each testicle.

You should be swell now. If not, accumulate so hasty.

Then you will embark at the contemptible of your rock-hard-on,
Wrap the rosy tender ribbon vapid
against your rock-hard PiГ©tГ© as cock-squeezing as you can stand it,
And then some firmer satiate.
boring and carefull wind your blueprint around, frosting your boner in the glistening rosy.
Until you rob up to unprejudiced beneath the lip of your shimmering manhood's head.

catapult the last of the ribbon over,
beneath and up thru the last wrap of ribbon around your vast spear.
Pull as cock-squeezing as you can stand it.
And then some.

Your meatpipe will survey so jaw-dropping,
As if your bone were wearing a ballet slipper.
A cute bounty, tho' introduced swollen and immensely rock-hard.

Your naked head will be turning the color of a engorged clitoral fun button briefly. That is the intent.

I maintain left enough ribbon to contain an additional two soles left dangling from the assassinate of your manstick,
This will be your lead....
The 8 around your nut sack, your neck harness.

--If you possess been a glowing marionette
and followed my instructions correctly, only your engorged head and nut sack will be revealed thru the ribbon. I know you will pet...--

Now, approach glean me my worship.
trudge in holding the leash you affixed to yourself for the night up high.
Pulling your rosy glossy schlong up vapid against your stomach.
You will sustain your eyes downcast, and mitt me your lead.
You must be particularly agreeable, or your penalty will be severe. marti frazier
I remove a cu.